Stephen G. DiMagno


Educational Background
Postdoctoral Research, University of Pennsylvania
Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley
B.A., Swarthmore College

Research Interests
Fuel cells, C-H activation, biofuel reforming, synthetic dehydrogenases, catalysis, fluorine chemistry, imaging agents

DiMagno Research Group
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Stephen G. DiMagno
Hamilton Hall 818C

Current Research
Research in my laboratory provides tools for, and insights into two technologically important problems: energy conversion and drug design. Aqueous conversion of renewable fuel sources to hydrogen can be performed with transition metal and solid state catalysts. Such aqueous reforming generates hydrogen-rich fuel streams that are contaminated with carbon monoxide. We develop reforming catalysts that selectively oxidize CO, and fuel cell electrodes tolerant to CO.

Preferential CO oxidation by a water soluble rhodium complex. Addition of CO causes reduction of the blue dye, indigo carmine. Reoxidation by air regenerates the indicator.

Despite their rarity in nature, organofluorine compounds play a leading role in medicinal chemistry. The fluorine atom's high electronegativity and small atomic radius mean that incorporation of fluorine into biologically active compounds induces a relatively small structural perturbation, while drastically altering the compounds' electronic properties and bioavailability. Fluorine substitution is a particularly effective strategy for aromatic groups, since the electron-withdrawing nature of fluorine reduces and aryl ring's susceptibility to P-450 catalyzed oxidation, a key step in drug metabolism. We develop nucleophilic fluorinating agents to provide medicinal chemists with the tools necessary to carry out safe, rapid and efficient fluorinations.

An aromatic fluorodenitration reaction modeled by DFT methods.

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Recent Publications

Detection and Quantitation of Anions, Stephen DiMagno and Ronald Cerny, US Pat. #8, 377,704,2/19/13.

Iodonium Cyclophanes for Secure Arene Functionalization, Stephen DiMagno, US Pat.#8, 546,578; 10/1/13.

Fluorination of Aromatic Ring Systems, Stephen DiMagno, US Pat. #8,604,213; 12/10/13.

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