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Registration for Chemistry Day is Now Open!

Chemistry Day registration is rapidly approaching limit that can be accommodated. We ask that groups limited themselves to a maximum of ten participants per school. A maximum of two hotel rooms will be available per group.

Chemistry Day is hosted by the UNL Department of Chemistry and is a FREE* day filled with science demos, chemistry lab tours, hands-on science experiments, and a light breakfast and lunch for all participants! Students, parents, and teachers will also have the opportunity to learn more about the UNL Department of Chemistry undergraduate program, careers in chemistry, and scholarship opportunities!

*This event is intended for junior and senior high school age students and parents/teachers.

For more information, please contact Kerry Vondrak.

Required Chemistry Day Safety Policy form can be downloaded here.

Instructions: Read Me First!

Attn: Teachers: Please use one form to register all students, teachers and volunteers. Please enter the names of all participants.

Attn: Parents: We are attempting to group the students by school so please check with your child's school to see if they have a group going, otherwise we do encourage you and your child to signup for this event. For more information, please contact Kerry Vondrak ( or call (402) 472-4453.

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