(a) Undergraduate Students:
To be eligible for election to membership, upper-division students (juniors or seniors) shall have obtained an overall grade point average of not less than 3.00 on a 4.00 scale. Furthermore, the candidate shall have completed at least sixty-four (64) semester hours of college work including twenty (20) semester hours in chemistry courses to be eligible under this section.

(b) Undergraduate Transfer Students:
Undergraduate upper division students transferring to the chapter location from another institution shall have been in residence at least one year at the chapter location at the time they are considered for election unless they transfer at the beginning of their senior year, in which case they may be considered for election after one (1) semester of residence. In such cases the scholarship rating shall be computed on the basis of only those courses of college level, which shall include chemistry courses taken at the institution where the chapter is located, and the minimum scholarship rating shall be 3.00 grade points; provided, however, that the candidate shall have completed at least twenty (20) semester hours in chemistry courses to be eligible under this section.

(c) Graduate Students:
In order to be eligible for election graduate students shall have been in graduate residence at the current institution at least one (1) semester and shall have completed approximately one-half of the number of semester-hours of graduate work normally required for the Master’s Degree or shall have been admitted to doctoral candidacy with a scholastic rating of at least 3.00 on a 4.00 scale. Graduate students may be subject to a secondary vote as outline in these By-Laws, Article VI, Section 5(b). The foregoing shall constitute the basis of computation, irrespective of the graduate degree sought by the candidate.

A student in the process of completing the above requirements may be elected to membership in the second semester providing the chapter Committee on Eligibility shall have reasonable assurance from the candidate’s instructors and research director that the scholastic standing of the student is above the minimum requirements of the Society. Only such graduate students as are majoring in chemistry, chemical engineering or related fields of pure and applied chemistry and who meet the requirements of the Section shall be eligible. The scholarship record may be supplemented by information from the candidate’s director of research as to the quality of the candidate’s performance, if such research is already in progress. (See these By-Laws, Article VI, Section 3(d))

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